Blinded By The Need To Be Loved!

In this episode Sydney and her Co-Host Michelle talks about their struggles and experience with Domestic Violence. Michelle opens up about her relationship and the effects it had on her even after she was able to leave the relationship. If anyone know or is experiencing abuse, please...

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Gym Insecurities

In this episode, Sydney has two amazing, hilarious smart young ladies join her as they lay out their gym insecurities. Mari and Julia are Sydney’s co-workers who on the daily always have great stories to tell. In this episode, Sydney has two amazing, hilarious smart young ladies...

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Workplace Friendships

In this episode Sydney share’s her experience with friendship in the workplace. As an adult it’s difficult to make friends who are like minded and share some of the same interests. Like most adults you get to a point in life where you just want to be you. If the people around...

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Beating The Odds

In this episode, Sydney interview her close friends Casie Davis, Laquanda Blake and Destiny Kelly. They discuss their obstacles, failures, wins and how they beat the odds.

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Toxic Relationships

In this Episode Sydney and Andrew page talk “Toxic Relationships”. In self discover both Sydney and Andrew has had their fare share of toxic personal and professional relationship. Sydney and Andrew share their experiences and gives tips on how to protect your mental health...

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Difficult Conversation With Dr. Zoe Shaw

In this episode Sydney interviews Dr. Zoe Shaw and talks how to have difficult conversation with your children, friends and family. They dive into how to protect your mental health, multigenerational transmission, culture shock, and some pretty personal experiences. Podcast: Play in new...

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Today we reached 100 followers on Instagram. We're truly thankful for all the love and support. Sydology 101 is a podcast that focus on work life balance, mental health, personal and professional relationships. It's time to balance your sh*t!!

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