Sydney Banks is a Director of Operations for a large dental tech company. She graduated with a healthcare management degree, a proud mother and set to marry her baby daddy “Finally!”Life wasn’t always easy but somewhere along the way she managed to make a pretty decent life for herself. She has made friends along the way and lost some too. At a young age she was unintentionally, tough to learn from her mistakes. Sydology was created so she can share her story. Sydology is Sydney’s  take on the world of mental health, work-life balance and personal/professional relationships

Michelle Banks a front office medical assistant at a Phoenix Podiatrist office. A single mother to a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. After leaving a very toxic relationship, She packed up her and her kids life and moved to Arizona for a new peaceful beginning. She recently took on the role of Project Manager for Sydology 101 because she believe in the vision behind it. Michelle’s goal as Project Manager is to help build a brand that helps others (and herself) figure out how to balance out life and work, as well as learn how to build and keep personal and professional relationships. She want to use her personal experiences to show listeners that it’s okay to leave relationships that are not good for your inner peace, as well as how to rebuild relationships that at some point became broken. One take away Michelle want listeners to get after listening to Sydology is that you are not alone and that we all go through tough times in both our personal and professional life but together we can figure out how to balance our shit


Andy has been in marketing for close to 2 decades and now is owner/CEO of 3 different businesses.  Over the years he has worked with non-profits like the YMCA and National MS Society, other agencies, Marketing Director for a corporation and then on his own where he started My Web Chef.  My Web Chef helps small and medium businesses with their marketing and web development needs. In 2019, he and 2 friends started Out of Pocket Services, helping connect patients to quality medical providers that accept cash in their practice.  Out of Pocket also strives to educate the normal public that if you don’t have insurance or don’t have great insurance, there are other options to keep healthy.Andy and his family are full time RVers currently traveling the country and have been traveling since April 2019.  So far they have made it from Georgia to California and back just in time for quarantine.  With the digital landscape the way it is, Andy has been running his businesses remotely for years until they decided to travel the country and continue serving clients.