Sydney Robinson

I am a first-generation university graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management. Early on, I learned the value of open and honest communication, grit, and personal and professional integrity. I’m a cornhusker implant, where I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family, football, podcasting and traveling.

I have worked in a leadership role for over 15 years. For the past 6 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work for a large dental consulting company as the Executive Director Of Operations, where I define, implement and revise operational policies and guidelines for the organization. Develop and execute new growth directives set by the CEO and COO. I create job descriptions, hire competent personnel, oversee employee training, and implement staff evaluation parameters. I work with department heads to develop financial plans and ensure company-wide operational compliance. At the same time, keeping track of the company’s revenue margins and conducting budget reviews to maximize profits. Working with entrepreneurs is what gives me joy and purpose. I take joy in seeing clients’ ideas, dreams, or long-standing strategies come to life.